Regulatory investment test for transmission (RIT-T) and Submissions

The regulatory investment test for transmission (RIT-T) is a cost benefit analysis overseen by the Australian Energy Regulator (AER). It assesses the economic and technical impact of, and preferred timing for, all major network investments in the national energy market (NEM). The RIT-T process ensures regulated transmission investment decisions are in the long term interests of customers.

Marinus Link published its initial Project Specification Consultation Report (PSCR) as part of the RIT-T process in July 2018. This report and the feedback it has received is available below.

TasNetworks has now completed the next step of the RIT-T process, with the publication of the Project Marinus Project Draft Assessment Report (PADR). The PADR takes into account feedback from submissions received during the consultation period following the PSCR’s release.

TasNetworks will be receiving feedback on the PADR over the coming months as part of the RIT-T consultation process, including briefings in Melbourne, Sydney and Hobart in early 2020.

“Exciting news. With once-in-a-lifetime transitions from thermal generation to intermittent renewables taking place across the National Electricity Market (NEM), Infrastructure Australia has flagged Marinus Link as a high priority initiative. Marinus Link will assist in increased reliability and delivery of generated and stored energy to meet consumers’ needs, and could bring up to 2,350 jobs across Tasmania and Victoria.

March 2020 update: we have extended the closing date for submissions to the PADR until 6 April 2020. This supersedes the date published in our PADR of 2 March 2020.

A copy of the slides presented at the most recent PADR forum can be found here: PADR forum slides.

RIT-T and supporting documents

Subsequent to publishing the PADR, additional data files are available which contain detailed information relating to PADR modelling assumptions and results. These files are available here (ZIP file 12MB).

Hourly results of the PADR simulation results are available upon request. Please contact us here and we will share a link to download the files (up to 1Gb per .zip). Please state “hourly results request” in the subject.

Downloads (.pdf)

PADR Submissions

TasNetworks has received feedback on the PADR as part of the RIT-T consultation process.

A total of 15 submissions were received, of which two were confidential.
Non-confidential stakeholder submissions are provided below. Responses to this consultation will be summarised in the next stage of Marinus Link investigation.

PSCR Submissions


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