The Marinus Link Consumer Advisory Panel (CAP) was established in March 2022, drawing consumer representatives from community, business and industry. You can view the CAP members here (.pdf).

The CAP represents a dedicated avenue for consumer input and feedback on the project, with a particular focus on Marinus Link’s Revenue proposal to the Australian Energy Regulator. Marinus Link has delivered informative roundtable sessions to the CAP to provide them with the information they need to make informed decisions, followed by deliberative workshops to provide opportunities for feedback.

The CAP made an independent submission (.pdf) to The Australian Energy Regulator in response to Marinus Link Pty Ltd’s Revenue Proposal part A Early Works, for which MLPL received a Revenue Determination (.pdf) in December 2023.

CAP engagements to date

Pre-establishment processes 2021

  • Revenue setting process and consumer engagement briefing August 2021
  • Marinus Link revenue setting consumer engagement workshop October 2021
  • Consumer engagement workshop October 2021
  • Late 2021 – initial CAP membership assembled


  • Roundtable #1: The role of Marinus Link in a transitioning energy market. AEMO, RecFIT, Battery of the Nation, Hydro Tasmania 11/4/22
  • Roundtable #2: Constructing Marinus Link 3/5/22
  • Roundtable #3: The business case for Marinus Link 13/5/22
  • Roundtable #4: Roundtable #4 – Who pays? 24/5/22
  • Workshop #1: Engagement Methodology (in-person Melbourne) and Procurement Strategy Presentation 30 & 31/5/2022
  • Workshop #2:  Procurement Evaluation 17/08/2022
  • Roundtable #5: Environment Sustainability &  Governance (ESG) and Land Access & Acquisition: 1/9/22
  • Workshop #3: Community Benefits Sharing (with Gippsland Stakeholder Liaison Group) 14/9/2022
  • Workshop #4  ESG, Procurement Evaluation and Updated Roadmap  (In Person workshop in Melbourne) :  5/12/2022


  • Workshop #5: Environmental Impacts & Mitigations 30/3/2023
  • Update Session: Marinus Modelling Update 18/4/2023
  • Presentation: Revenue Proposal Part A9/5/23
  • Workshop #6:  Revenue Proposal Part A (in-person Hobart) 18/5/2023
  • Update/Closing the Loop: Revenue Proposal Part A 19/7/2023
  • Procurement update with Independent Advisor 10/08/2023
  • CAP Session:  Lessons Learned + Part B 24/8/2023
  • CAP Procurement Review  24/10/2023
  • Community Benefits Sharing  31/10/2023
  • Incentive Schemes  29/11/2023
  • RIT-T and Response to Part B 6/12/2023

Upcoming engagements

  • Infrastructure Sustainability Council Ratings: 21/03/2024
  • RIT-T Update 27/03/2024
  • Revenue Proposal Part B Construction Costs Overview 15/04/2024
  • Revenue Proposal Part B Construction Costs Draft (In person Workshop Melbourne) 23/04/2024

Deliberative Workshop reports

Terms of reference

Marinus Link Roundtable Series

The Marinus Link Roundtable Series provided participants with the information they need to engage on the revenue proposal in an informed way.