Why is Marinus Link needed?

Marinus Link is essential to our clean energy future.

Responsibility for a clean energy future sits with all of us. Global conflict, rising power prices and a world-wide movement to counter climate change are changing the way we generate and distribute electricity.

As fossil fuel energy generators retire, Australia needs access to clean, affordable, secure, reliable electricity and the ability to store it for long periods.

The nation’s transition from fossil-fuelled power to renewables is happening quickly, and renewable generation – solar, wind and hydro – are becoming a bigger part of our energy mix.

Marinus Link will empower communities with affordable, reliable, clean energy and economic opportunities.

Such a fundamental change in the way we power our homes, cities, businesses, and industries requires significant investment and long-term planning. 

Big, essential renewable energy projects are planned or underway across Australia. Marinus Link is one of them.

Marinus Link is a nationally significant project owned by the Australian, Victorian, and Tasmanian governments that will move energy from a range of generation sources to where it is needed most.

It will enable mainland Australia to replace fossil fuels faster, and with less concern of blackouts.

It will enable Tasmania to import renewable energy, such as solar and wind, while reserving its hydro and storing the extra energy, which can then be exported back to the mainland when it is needed.

In connecting Tasmania’s abundant renewable energy to the mainland, Marinus Link will create intergenerational jobs, attract investments in clean industries and propel economic growth.

By putting downward pressure on wholesale electricity prices, Marinus Link is expected to reduce the wholesale energy part of residential customer energy bills across the national grid. 

In delivering a reliable, secure energy supply and better internet, Marinus Link will attract investment in renewable energy generation, data centres and new industries.

Marinus Link will keep the lights on and the economy running with clean power as Australia transitions to its clean energy future.

For more information about how Marinus Link benefits customer power bills, visit – customer benefits