New Board Appointments for Marinus Link

June 14th, 2023

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This media release was issued by TasNetworks on 14 June 2023.

New Marinus Link leadership will continue to guide Tasmania towards a clean and affordable energy future.

The current Chair of TasNetworks, Mr Roger Gill, will become the new Chair of Marinus Link Pty Ltd (MLPL), replacing Ms Samantha Hogg.

The change in Marinus Link Chair is effective immediately. Along with Mr Gill becoming Chair of MLPL, TasNetworks’ CEO Seán Mc Goldrick will also take-up a position on the Marinus Link Board. TasNetworks’ Non-Executive Director Kevin Kehl will continue to serve on the MLPL Board along with current Commonwealth Government representatives Warwick Smith AO and Collette Burke.

Mr Gill said Tasmanians need electricity that’s clean, reliable and affordable.

“Marinus is critical to doubling Tasmania’s clean energy, with all the benefits that brings,” Mr Gill said.
“It’s important that we deliver on the cost, climate and reliability benefits of Marinus Link, for both Tasmania and the nation, in coming years.

“While Marinus is very much its own project, it was born of TasNetworks’ passion and expertise. Having Board leadership that bridges both businesses offers great stability and continuity as we move towards final planning and construction.

“I want to thank Sam Hogg for navigating Marinus Link through a critical phase as Chair. Her skill and service leaves a strong platform and a lasting legacy,” he said.

The 1,500MW Marinus Link Bass Strait interconnector will be jointly-owned and funded by the Australian, Tasmanian and Victorian Governments.

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