New offshore electricity generation legislation a boost for Marinus Link

September 6th, 2021

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Project Marinus welcomes the Commonwealth Government’s new Offshore Electricity Infrastructure Bill, which will support the development of the Marinus Link interconnector between Tasmania and Victoria.

The bill, introduced by the Federal Minister for Energy and Emissions Reduction Angus Taylor, will establish a framework for the construction, maintenance and decommissioning of offshore electricity projects.

Minister Taylor said the bill will accelerate Marinus Link and unlock a wave of new investment in offshore electricity and transmission projects, to help secure a more reliable electricity system and create thousands of new jobs in regional Australia.

The bill is also supported by the Tasmanian Minister for Energy and Emissions Reduction Guy Barnett, who said the Tasmanian Government’s vision to double renewable energy production by 2040 would support both “additional on-island renewable energy use, such as for hydrogen production, and the export of excess renewable energy through Marinus Link”.

Project Marinus General Manager Bess Clark said: “Marinus Link will unlock Tasmania’s incredible energy advantages including some of the best wind resources in Australia, a clean hydroelectricity system and the Battery of the Nation deep pumped hydro storage resources .

“That will ensure our electricity future is reliable and affordable, as well as renewable.

“Along with downward pressure on prices and a more reliable grid, Project Marinus will cut emissions, deliver 2800 direct and indirect jobs in both Tasmania and Victoria, and unlock a pipeline of future renewable energy development, with thousands more jobs.

“We look forward to seeing the legislation in more detail and its passage through the Australian Parliament, to ensure we make the most of this once in a generation opportunity to transform Australia’s electricity network,” Ms Clark said.


The $3.5bn ($2021) Project Marinus interconnector is a proposed 1500 megawatt electricity and telecommunications connection between Victoria and Tasmania called Marinus Link, plus supporting transmission network developments in Tasmania’s North West.

Marinus Link involves approximately 255 kilometres of undersea High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) cable and approximately 90 kilometres of underground HVDC cable. It will also include converter stations in Tasmania and Victoria, and approximately 220 kilometres of supporting High Voltage Alternating Current (HVAC) transmission network developments in North West Tasmania.

The current target date for commissioning and commercial operation of the first 750 MW stage is 2027-28, with the commissioning and commercial operation of the second 750 MW stage currently scheduled for 2029-30.

Marinus Link will cut at least 70 million tonnes of CO2 by 2040, the equivalent of taking approximately half a million cars off the road.

1500 megawatts equates to supplying 1.5 million Australian homes with electricity at any given time.

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