Marinus Link is currently in the Design and Approvals Phase of the project.

During this stage we:

  • Undertake economic and regulatory analysis of the project. 
  • Engage with landowners and the community to gather feedback on the proposed route and to help inform the planning and assessment process. 
  • Acquire access to land and easements.  
  • Conduct a range of field work including cultural heritage, ecological and geotechnical surveys. 
  • Undertake environmental impact assessments and obtain the necessary planning and environment approvals. 
  • Develop conceptual technical designs and specifications.  
  • Develop tender specifications for equipment manufacturing, construction and commissioning.  
  • Undertake the necessary steps to establish revenue certainty, as a regulated transmission service and/or under other commercial models for telecommunications services.  
  • Confirm and implement commercial arrangements, based on the revenue and service provision model.  
  • Develop plans to show how the existing transmission networks and future transmission routes will increase network capacity and ensure the power system can accommodate future energy developments proposed for the region.  
  • Finalise and implement contracting, procurement and insurance strategies.  
  • Complete the detailed estimate for total project cost and the manufacturing, construction and commissioning schedule. 
  • Finalise financing arrangements. 

Community and landowner engagement timeline



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