TasNetworks supports the Tasmanian Renewable Energy Action Plan

December 21st, 2020

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TasNetworks welcomes the release of the Tasmanian Government’s Tasmanian Renewable Energy Action Plan (TREAP). The TREAP provides the roadmap that will see Tasmania reach the Tasmanian Renewable Energy Target of 200% renewables by 2040, legislated in parliament earlier this year.

“The action plan is great news for Tasmania. It shows the pathway for the State achieving its renewable energy ambitions, with Marinus Link as the key enabling investment to making this vision a reality,” Mr Lance Balcombe TasNetworks CEO said.

“It’s been big end to the year for renewables in Tasmania. We’ve achieved 100% renewables, ahead of schedule. We’ve seen an historic MOU signed by the State and Federal Governments to progress Marinus Link through the Design and Approvals phase earlier this week.” Mr Balcombe said.

“We look forward to working with the newly established Renewables Tasmania and contributing to the Government’s renewable energy plan for the State, progressing a range of renewable energy projects, and Marinus Link to a 2023-24 investment decision, with the first 750 MW link in service as early as 2028,” Mr Balcombe said.

View more information about the Tasmanian Renewable Energy Action Plan.

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