Media Release – TasNetworks welcomes MIDAA order passing through Parliament

August 28th, 2020

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From Bess Clark – General Manager, Project Marinus, TasNetworks.
In another significant step forward for Project Marinus and its supporting North-West Transmission Developments, a positive motion on the Major Infrastructure Development Approvals Act (1999) MIDAA was passed in the Legislative Council yesterday.
Ms Clark said “a positive motion in both houses of Parliament on the MIDAA Order allows Project Marinus to be assessed by the appropriate authorities, including the Tasmanian Planning Commission and the Tasmanian Environment Protection Authority.”
As part of progressing the approvals process, TasNetworks can now commence critical spring and summer surveys in the preparation for assessing ecological, cultural heritage and land use planning impacts for all components of the North West Transmission Developments in Tasmania.
The decision by both houses of Parliament to pass the MIDAA Order provides the planning instrument under which the North West Transmission Developments can be assessed. It doesn’t provide the green-light to commence construction.
The proposed developments outlined in the MIDAA are not finalised. They will need to pass a thorough evaluation process to achieve environmental land use planning and heritage approvals.
“The MIDAA process will involve further stakeholder and community engagement activities. Landowners and the community will have many opportunities to provide feedback on the proposed developments, the MIDAA process, as well as any other concerns they may have.” Ms Clark said
Marinus Link and the supporting transmission developments in North West Tasmania will unlock a pipeline of investment in renewable energy and long-duration storage developments in Tasmania. All together worth an estimated $7.1 billion and thousands of jobs.

Contact: Rowan Dix – 0436 919 980.

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