Planned Eagle Nest Surveys

May 1st, 2020

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TasNetworks is continuing to progress the proposed North West Tasmania transmission developments, with work currently focused on the Hampshire to Staverton section.

Eagle nest surveys form a vital part of the environmental impact assessment for the North West Tasmania Transmission developments, and in the week commencing 11 May 2020, TasNetworks will undertake eagle nest surveys in the vicinity of the potential Hampshire to Staverton route.

Eagle nest surveys help to confirm existing Natural Values Atlas (NVA) nest location records and to identify any new nests within proximity of the easement.

Findings from the surveyed area will be used in route selection and design, in addition to planning for construction activities, should the proposed North West Tasmania Transmission development required to support Marinus Link proceed.

TasNetworks has engaged local ecologists and helicopter service providers to undertake the aerial inspection, who have expertise in undertaking natural values assessments, including eagle nest surveys.

This survey work provides a welcome opportunity for TasNetworks to support local providers and businesses, and to engage with local communities in North West Tasmania during this challenging time of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

It forms part of the critical early works required to progress the proposed North West Tasmania transmission developments required to support Marinus Link and the implementation of TasNetworks’ North West Tasmania Strategic Transmission Plan. TasNetworks has received $56 million in federal funding to progress with this work.

These developments are part of supporting the significant jobs and investment opportunity in Tasmania from Marinus Link, the Battery of the Nation and the state’s world class wind resources.

Read more about the North West Tasmania transmission developments here.

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