Media Release – TasNetworks announces proposed new transmission route

November 28th, 2019

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From Bess Clark, General Manager Project Marinus – TasNetworks

Today TasNetworks announced details on a proposed new transmission route from Hampshire to Staverton.

“TasNetworks is currently investigating a new electricity transmission corridor between Hampshire and Staverton in North Western Tasmania.

“This proposed transmission line will increase the capacity of North West Tasmania’s transmission network, supporting new renewable energy projects such as wind in the far North West and pumped hydro in the west and central regions and Marinus Link, the proposed 1500 MW second Bass Strait electricity interconnector,” Ms Clark said.

“The proposed transmission route must consider a range of factors and constraints.

“TasNetworks must consider environmental impacts, cultural heritage sites, land-use planning requirements, complex energy system requirements, constructability, total project development costs, and many other factors,” added Ms Clark.

“Our design seeks to minimise adverse impacts on landowners, businesses and conservation areas, and we have also taken into account tourism, visual amenity, high value agriculture and broader community values,” said Ms Clark.

All relevant landowners have been contacted and engagement is underway with the wider community, through a series of ongoing engagement activities in the North West of Tasmania.

“Landowner feedback is critical and will help to further refine or confirm sections of the proposed route.

“Community input will also be taken into consideration in finalising a proposed route, and will also help to inform design and construction considerations to reduce impacts, where possible,” said Ms Clark.

TasNetworks encourages interested members of the public to register for our upcoming community workshops to learn more about the proposed upgrades and provide feedback.

Community workshops will be held in Gunns Plains and Ulverstone on 30 November, and Burnie and Sheffield on 7 December.

TasNetworks will be releasing the Business Case Assessment for Marinus Link and supporting transmission in early December 2019, and will continue to promote opportunities for stakeholders to provide feedback on the project, and to outline how this feedback will considered.

Further information about Marinus Link and the proposed transmission upgrades in the North West of Tasmania is available on the TasNetworks website:


Media contact – Dan Sinkovits 0417 767 124

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