We are undertaking a range of community engagement activities to answer questions and record feedback. All feedback is carefully considered, and these activities help inform our project design and construction considerations, reduce impacts, and inform the development of environmental, cultural heritage and socioeconomic impact assessments. Formal opportunities to make submissions as part of the impact assessment approvals process will be available.

We recognise the need to provide many avenues to engage with the Marinus Link team on the project. Marinus Link will continue to keep landowners, the community and stakeholders updated a these opportunities arise.

Victoria and Bass Strait

Marinus Link will support Victorian renewable energy developments. For example, with Marinus Link in operation, excess energy generated by Victorian renewables can be transferred to Tasmania and stored in pumped hydro energy storage facilities, ready to be used when needed and enabling more low cost, reliable and clean energy.

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North West Tasmania

The proposed location of Marinus Link in North West Tasmania enables connection into some of Australia’s best renewable energy generation and storage resources. Transmission network upgrades are proposed in North West Tasmania to support this connection.

View more information about community and landowner engagement on the proposed transmission developments in North West Tasmania:

Please note: Further information will be available in due course.


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